Product Name: Multifunctional Road bait Set
Material: plastic + high carbon steel
Product weight: net weight of 370 grams
Number of products: 101 sets
Product Size: Outer Size 21 * 10.7 * 4.2cm
Features: full swimming layer seek for water wide; capsule get numerous bait style; accessories complete and convenient and convenient, fine way sub-box will also be recycled

Package Including
36mm single tail maggot / 5; 35mm false earthworm / 10; bottle type + B type pin / 5; simulation cricket / 10; 3.4g lead hook / 3; 40mm double tail maggots / 5; Insects / 14; 32mm crank hook / 4; 23cm front wire / 2; 12.3cm multi-function road sub-pliers / 1; 65mm11g tied hair iron 2; 28mm3g horse mouth sequins / 1 40mm7.7g shell iron / 2; 6g rotating sequins / 2 stops / 2 28mm3g tires / 1; 65mm11g tied hair 2; 44mm6.5g pineapple iron / 2; diameter 7mm5g bullet lead 2; diameter 5mm Ball; 10mm; 75mm5.4g large grass shrimp / 1; 81mm5.5g Luya / 1; 72mm15g Luya / 1; 97mm9.5g Luya / 1; 63mm6.8g Luya / 1; 57mm7 .3g Luya / 1; 65mm11g tied hair 2; 44mm6.5g pineapple iron / 2; diameter 7mm5g bullet lead 2; diameter 5mm ball / 10; 75mm5.4g large grass shrimp / 1; /1
【101 Accessories】Includes different kinds of lures such as hard baits,soft baits,topwater fishing lures, scissors and other accessories;
【Organized 】The transparent box helps you find your fishing tackle at a glance.Separate and assorted compartments of the box to store different accessories;
【Multifunction】They vary from green to red,as bright as real creatures to draw fish,the lures is suitable for river and sea fishing and all swimming layers;
【Widely Used】It’s suitable for any anglers from beginners to veterans;Now you’ll fish freely with this full mixed fishing lures packed well in the portable tackle box. You will have to never need to miss it;
【Note】These lures do not fits for very hard rod. The color of bread worm will not be the same as the picture (randomly shipped), please feel free to contact us when you have any questions.

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