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Ultimate Angling Fishing Tackle Spooler

Product Features

  • ✔ KNOW THE DIFFERENCE - Copy's of our product and easy to spot , they use a clear suction cup , we use a black suction cup with a locker for stronger suction meaning the spooler will not come un stuck when in use.
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE SPOOL WIDTH CONTROL - Fit any size spool excluding some larger spools
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE SPRING LOADED TENTION - Control the speed that the line unspools by setting the springs either side
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Product Description

Need To Put New Line On Your Reel ?

Do it the easy way, follow these easy steps

  • Simply stick the spooler base to any smooth surface using the sucker.
  • Unlock the wing nut on the top and secure your new line in place.
  • Set the width to control how fast and the direction the line is released.


Compact and lightweight, easy to remove and install.

Multi-rotate aluminium spool holder, avoids line twist.

Spring-loaded tension ensures even spooling.

The suction cup can mounts firmly to any flat, smooth surface.

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