Here is a couple of how you can use Paracord for Prepping and Survival:

Secure tent

Secure a tarp between trees

Secure boat or raft to a tree

Make a sling for your arm

Make an emergency belt to hold your pants up

Replace broken or missing shoe laces

Make traps and snares

Tie objects together for easier transport

Make a basic shelter

Hang food in trees to keep the bears away

Tie people together on a trail in order that they keep together

Use as fishing line (inner threads)

Emergency dental floss (inner threads)

SURVIVAL BRACELET – prime quality paracord bracelet: 10 Ft parachute cord 550 with breaking strength 550 lb., 4mm thickness. Perfect survival gear for kids.
MILITARY SURVIVAL BRACELET is basic survival gear for camping, fishing, hunting. Buckles with extremely loud WHISTLE for the use of in dangerous or emergency situations – calls for assist when injured or lost, use it for protection from predators in wilderness.
SURVIVAL GEAR with MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER [weatherproof] – you never know when you’ll be able to find yourself in situation where you’ll be able to need a fire. Emergency fire starter can assist with start a fire to keep yourself warm or make a dinner. All weather fire starter is usable in all weather conditions
CAMPING SURVIVAL GEAR WITH SCRAPER / KNIFE – use it for start a fire with Fire Flint or to cutting things. Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting and Backpacking. A survival bracelet comes in slightly handy when trying to put together a basic shelter when the rain starts to fall (more details in product descriptions below)
SURVIVAL BRACELET WITH FIRE STARTER -30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + LIFETIME WARRANTY = 100% SATISFACTION. There is not reason to be worried – just click “add to cart” and Mertlin’s friendly customer service will be here for you at all times, we promise.

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