* Type:Floating Minnow Bait
* Subject matter:ABS
* Tungsten Balls Inside.
* Saltwater/Freshwater Lures
* Fit for Bass, Seabass, Silvery pomfret,Pikes and other carnivorous fish.

* Best water Minnow hard bait.
* Fit for Saltwater and Freshwater.
* 2 strong and sharp black High-Strength Nickel hooks.
* Natural minnow profile is impossible to resist to important fish.
* Durable ABS Subject matter contributing to long shelf life.
* The gravity of tungsten balls designed rear center makes longer casting.
* Fit for bass, seabass, silvery pomfret, pikes and other carnivorous fish.
* Watch the swimming action at slow to very fast retrieve rates. This additional-loud, shallow-running hardbait is equipped with two full-size treble hooks needless to say hookups.

SK005- Length:110mm/4.2″| Weight:13g| Diving Depth:0.3-0.9M | Buoyancy:Floating

SK006- Length:62mm/2.4″| Weight:6.2g| Diving Depth:0-2.5M | Buoyancy:Floating

SK009- Length:90mm/3.5″| Weight:8.5g| Diving Depth:0.6-1.0M | Buoyancy:Floating

SK012- Length:70mm/2.7″| Weight:6g| Diving Depth:0-0.6M | Buoyancy:Floating

SK016- Length:95mm/3.7″| Weight:10g| Diving Depth:0-0.4M | Buoyancy:Floating

SK020- Length:110mm/4.4″| Weight:14g| Diving Depth:0-1.0M | Buoyancy:Floating

SK023- Length:125mm/4.9″| Weight:22.5g| Diving Depth:0-1.5M | Buoyancy:Floating

SK024- Length: 98mm/3.8″| Weight:9g | Diving Depth: 0-1.0M | Buoyancy:Floating

Package Main points:
1* set fishing lures
1* original box
3D eyes and lifelike laser painting surface will probably be impossible to resist to important fish.
Rapid diving action and life-like swimming actions in water whilst you retrieve.
Two sharp High-Strength fishing hooks are anti-corrosion, strong and durable, fit for freshwater and saltwater.
Tungsten balls inside helps to keep the balance and enhances casting distance, magnetic force vocalization attract fish to bite.
Streamlined appearance reduces the water resistance and provides longer casting distance and smoother swimming actions.


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