SHINE POP: 85mm/15g.Type:Floating.Quantity: 5Pcs. Reusable and affordable,long-term preservation,convenient. They create life-like swimming actions in water! Optimum choice for lure fishing beginners!
Great for offshore, inshore, surf sea fishing and pike fishing. Suitable for bass, perch, walleye, pike, muskie, trout, salmon, carp and more.
Two sharp high-strength VMC fishing hooks are anti-corrosion, strong and durable, fit for freshwater and saltwater.Best design, stainless steel balls inside and double flat strong rings make it strong for bigger fish.
Most classic popper profile with a new cup mouth design, which works like a splash engine.Smooth and rapid diving action to attract big fish.
High-resolution body detail and 3D lifelike eyes, perfectly replicates a real fish. Made of ABS, durable and bite-resistant, odor free and environmentally friendly. Steel balls inside the body, help to cast further and stay steady when casting, ensure the䳈㌀䳨㌀䴈㌀䴨㌀䵨㌀䶈㌀䵈㌀䶨㌀䷈㌀䷨㌀丈㌀丨㌀么㌀乨㌀予㌀亨

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