IceUnicorn Outdoor Unisex Swim Shoes are ideal for running, snorkelling, surfing, diving, yoga. They are excellent water shoes and are very flexible, extra breathable, easy slip-on, comfortable like a pair of socks.

Most water shoes cover the entire foot and have thick soles. These features are essential for protecting your feet from hot surfaces and sharp objects, such as rocks and shells. Look for a style that has built-in toe shields to help prevent stubbed toes. This is especially important when wading through water with unpredictable and rocky terrain, such as riverbeds and ocean floors.

The front of a water shoe always resembles that of a normal shoe. This closed-toe protects the toes (such as from stubbing them against a rock or ripping off a toenail), while also allowing for more traction for both on-shore and in-the-water activities.

Benefits of water shoes?

  • Multi-night float trips – A water shoe excels for these types of trips. Floaters only need to bring one shoe for the entire trip, and the protection provided by the shoe prevents nasty and unexpected injuries in remote places.
  • Significant hiking while out on float trips – Water shoes work just as well out of the water as they do in the water. Anyone who plans to hike while out on float trips should use a water shoe. This is especially so if the hikes will go off-trail or passes through rough or rocky terrain. Again, the foot protection (especially the toe protection), is what makes water shoes better than sandals.
  • Floating through very rocky and broken terrain – Floaters who know they’ll be getting in and out of the water in very rocky and broken terrain (not gravel bars or sandy beaches), should consider a water shoe too. In rocky/broken terrain, it is all too easy to break a toe or rip off a toe-nail.
  • Short or moderate hikes through wet terrain – Since water shoes work so well for hiking, they are ideal shoes to use for hiking in wet or boggy terrain. However, since water shoes lack the “padding” and other comforts of a hiking shoe, they aren’t ideal for long hikes. In short, don’t plan on hiking twenty miles in them in rough terrain. You can do it, but a hiking shoe will be much more comfortable for “true hiking.”

Water shoes feature specially designed tread for optimal traction on slippery surfaces, including boat docks, decks and water equipment. Their rubber outsoles also offer a better grip on these wet surfaces.

Water shoes are flexible and made with mesh material for enhanced breathability, which helps keep feet cool. This also allows for improved water flow when submerged and better drainage when out of the water.


STRETCHY UPPER: The upper is made of special stretchy and breathable material. Fits like socks, comfortable and lightweight. Easy to take off and on, walking with barefoot feeling.
DURABLE SOLE: The new up to date sole features great wearing resistance and duration.
ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Ultra Light Weight Stretchy Material allows the user to easily put on and take off, to will give you a comfortable feeling.
IDEAL FOR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS: Fit for the beach, diving, snorkelling, shower, swimming, pool, weight training, boating& sailing, parasailing, kayaking, yoga, dancing, windsurfing, cycling, bathroom, jogging, fishing, beach volleyball, garden, water aerobics, exercises.

For shoe sizes, measure your foot and make a selection from the Size Chart in Product Description below.
Note: All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be 1-2cm deviations.
XS (UK 2.5/3-EU 34/35)=(Fit Foot Length 22-22.5)
S (UK 3.5/4-EU 36/37)=(Fit Foot Length 23-23.5)
M (UK 5/6-EU 38/49)=(Fit Foot Length 24-25.5)
L (UK 6.5/7.5-EU 40/41)=(Fit Foot Length 26-26.5)
XL (UK 8.5/9.5-EU 42/43)=(Fit Foot Length 27-27.5)
XXL (UK 10/11-EU 44/45)=(Fit Foot Length 28-28.5)
XXXL (UK 11.5/12.5-EU 46/47)=(Fit Foot Length 29-29.5)

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