1. This fishing lure is a type of special lure which like real fish appearance,Brilliantly replicates color and patterns of actual bait fish. After which it may possibly tempt the attention of fishes. It mean you can to catch more fish when you use our fishing baits
2. Popular designed, glow in dark luminous, Best possible action in water, top quality with competitive price
3. They create life-like swimming actions in water!Bright colors and balls inside to draw more fish!3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool!
4. This can be a Best possible gift for a new fisherman
100% Brand New
Package included: 10Pack Minnow Fishing Lures
Comes with 2 high carbon steel razor sharp treble hooks
These Bright-color Minnow with 3D Eyes Create Life-like Smooth and Rapid Diving Actions to Attract Big Fishes in Water,Bump Corrosion Resistant Coating,Alice Mouth IOUs for Sea Bass and Other Freshwater Bass Has a Very Good Seduction
A Best possible Gift for Fishermen and it Used by Professional Anglers Around the world

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