Ultra bright long lifespan LED.
Illuminates when the alarm is activated.
Reinforce fishing bite alarm’s signal sensitivity.
Screw on weights, adjustable to fit all conditions.
This Straight style swinger is easy to adjustable components to adjust the weight of press on line,and could  steer clear of swinger bump to stand bracket better.
Each and every one is fitted with a sliding weight to adjust the tension depending at the weather conditions and sensitivity of bites.
LED illumination could provid a sight well at night. and it powered by fishing bite alarm, no extra power require. Energy saving and convenience to operate.

Color: Red, Green,Blue.
Material: Plastic + stainless steel
Light Source: LED

Package Content:
3* illuminated Swinger

Customer Beef up: Just don’t hesitate to contact with us if there may be anything that we could lend a hand. Nice day!

LED ILLUMINATION DESIGN: One important design is that this straight style swinger have a LED illumination and standard 2.5mm plug. It powered by fishing bite alarm and no extra power require. Energy saving and convenience to operate.
WORKING STATUS: No light right through standby mode; Flashing after fish bite hook, or we reel the line in. (Fishing bite alarm could also work well.) Tips: Swinger would fall down mechanically when pick the fishing rod up, No twinding, No harmful to fishing line.
FUNCTION: Use with fishing bite alarm together, could adjust the tightness of fishing line, press line on roller of alarm tightly. It would further Reinforce fishing bite alarm’s signal sensitivity.
ECONOMICAL: Cost-effective 3pcs/set, 1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Green. Ideal combination use with fishing bite alarm and be worth to own. Just add to basket and buy one.


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