KastKing Falcon Angled Head Pliers
Affordable, Durable, and Light-weight

Multi-function, Fits for Freshwater and Saltwater
These spring-loaded pliers work great as fishing line cutters, a fishing hook remover, or as a fishing braid scissors. Use KastKing pliers for cutting, stripping, pulling, crimping, hook removal, and as a split ring plier to open fishing split rings on lures.

Line Cutter
Super sharp tungsten carbide cutters cut monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing lines.

Hook Remover
The titanium-coated stainless steel jaws provide power and durability, super easy to take away the hook. Corrosion resistance for life long use.

Handy Fishing Pliers
Compare the lightweight of these aluminum fishing pliers to heavy stainless steel pliers. KastKing 5 inch long fish pliers as shown features ergonomic handles that do not hold odors and corrode like other brands.

Various & No-fading Bright Color
Thanks to their non-fading bright colors they are easier to spot in the dead of night among your fishing tackle when you want a braid cutter; unlike the dull, black or silver pair of scissors, fishing line cutter, or split ring pliers you’ve seen.

The Only Maintenance Needed
Infrequently wash with fresh water, tighten the allen screws if necessary, and add a drop of lubricant to the jaws, cutters, and the fishing pliers stainless components for a lifetime of use.

Package includes:
1*Packaging Box
1*Falcon Fishing Pliers
NEW! – angled head pliers offers faster, cleaner cutting and more force for easy crimping and easy access to take away fishing hooks. KastKing hard anodized aluminum fishing pliers outlasts other brands, stay bright, and do not fade. Features split ring tool and saltwater corrosion resistant components.
VERSATILE virtual fishing multitool that is very important for any angler. KastKing Falcon angled pliers come in Quite a lot of bright colors that are easy to spot all through dim hours.
LIGHT-WEIGHT aerospace-grade aluminum that allows for quick hook removal from toothy fish. It’ll not weigh down your tackle bag.
SPRING-LOADED and well-constructed with super sharp tungsten carbide cutters and ergonomic handles for effortless use.
CONVENIENT compact 5″ / 12.7 cm size fits comfortably in your hand yet offers you a better grip than other brands, useful as a hook remover for surf fishing or bank fishing. Best value! Compare the great features and low price of KastKing fishing tools to other brands. Quite a lot of colors.


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