iOutdoor Products comprehensive Fishing Tackle Box with 234pcs kit includes everything you want for your next fishing shuttle. This tackle box is made of a durable ABS material and features two trays so You’ll neatly organize everything.

This fishing tackle box is to meet multiple fishing needs, portable for fishing shuttle, easy-to-carry. We hope our iOutdoor products bringing you a good experience of fishing.

º100% Brand New
ºWeight: 500g
ºLength: 16*9*4.5cm
ºColor: Orange

Package Including:
1. Lead Sheath Tube * 20 pcs
2. Fishing Lead Rolls * 3 pcs
3. Rubber Fishing Bobber Stopper * 10 sets
4. Rolling Barrel Swivels * 10 pcs
5. Rotating Flow Seat * 20 pcs
6. Pearl Head Pin * 20 pcs
7. Fishing Barbed Hook 2# * 30 Pcs
8. Fishing Barbed Hook 3# * 30 Pcs
9. Fishing Barbed Hook 4# * 30 Pcs
10. Fishing Barbed Hook 5# * 30 Pcs
11. Fishing Barbed Hook 6# * 30 Pcs
12. Plastic Fishing Tackle Box * 1 Pcs

Key Features:
ºWith 16 seperate compartments with each transparent cover,keep your accessories safe,organized and dry with this Fishing Tackle Box
ºInclude 234pcs fishing accessories–which you don’t wish to buy seperately.All can be used in freshwater
ºThe carrying handles also ensure easy transport and carrying for this tackle box
ºThis tackle box is waterproof as a result of waterproof seal inside.Also it may be floating on the water
ºVery small size as iPhone 6S Plus,You’ll take all over you go in your pocket,backpack,etc
ºThis box can also be used as small hardware storage box,keep your hardwares organized and clean,You’ll find them easily
✅【Waterproof & Can Flow on the water】: There is a waterproof seal inside the lid–which is tightly sealed and effectively waterproof.The tackle box can Flow on the water.
✅【234pcs Fishing Accessories Included】: Our fishing tackle boxes includes 234pcs accessories:155pcs Fishing Hooks,10sets Space Beans,20pcs Lead Sheath Tube,20pcs Flow Seat,10pcs Barrel Swivels,3pcs Lead Rolls,20pcs Head Pin.All offers high strength and delivers corrosion resistance in freshwater,which is perfect for a fishing fun.
✅【16 Compartments to Keep Your Hardware Organised】: This box can be used as small hardware storage box–Divided into two sides with 16 compartments–convenient to store quite a lot of small hardware accessories.The compartments have transparent covers, so You’ll keep your accessories organized and clean,and find them easily.
✅【ABS Durable&Easy to Clean】: Made of super ABS Engineering plastic-Durable,easy to keep clean and not easy to break.
✅【Small and Portable as iPhone 6S Plus】: Size-6.3″(L) x 3.5″(W) x 1.8″,as big as an iPhone 6S Plus,easily fits in your pocket,fishing seat box or backpack,etc.