Incessantly in fishing it is the devices that help you to more effectively carry out reasonably simple tasks in order to make the biggest difference to your catch rate, and that is definitely the case with the new Pellet Pliers, which have only just been released. Banded pellet is a great way of fishing hard pellets, but they may be able to be very tricky to position the band around as it should be, even at the best of times, let alone if you have cold or wet fingers. The Pellet Pliers are a simple device that make the task of banding a pellet very quick and easy, but there has still been a large number of thought which has gone into them to get the product just right and make sure that it works perfectly. They work on a reverse-pliers design, whereby squeezing the handles together opens the jaws. A pellet band is simply located in the groove on the nose of the pliers, which can then be stretched open with a simple squeeze of one hand, and your chosen size of pellet is positioned inside the band. To finish off the process, pressure on the pliers is slowly released and the banded pellet is removed from the jaws – the tapered design of which makes this task easy to perform. The spring-loaded design makes all of this very easy, without being so strong that there is any danger of damaging the pellet all over the process, plus it is compatible with all different sizes of pellet. Pellet Pliers are finished in Guru orange colour, making them highly visible, so you’re unlikely to mislay them at the same time as you are fishing!

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