Many usages:
1) Protect the tent. The tarp for camping is placed underneath the tent, which can avoid the base in the interior of the tent be from being pierce through and made dirty! The mat has water resistance level equals to PU8000MM, which allow it increase the anti-moisture capability of tent.
2) Use as a open roof. The tent groundsheet is setup as a temporary rain proof canopy. You’ll lift the four corners with a rope to pull the curtain to make it becomes an open-roof shelter to shade against rain.
3) Use as a picnic mat.
4) Used as a mat behind a car. The ground mat can be utilized as a mat behind the car right through your journey. This mat is easy to clean.

Fabric: 20D Double layer Silicified anti-tear lattice Nylon Cloth
Double Layer Siliconized remedy: Outer siliconized, inner PU silicone oil mixture to enhance the waterproof function.
waterproof: > 8000MM

Product Size:
M: 2’11” x 6’11” (weight: 160g)
L: 4’3” x 6’11” (weight: 190g)
XL: 4’9” x 6’11” (weight: 210g)
XXL: 5’11” x 6’11” (weight: 280g)
XXXL: 8’6” x 6’11” (weight: 390g)

Footprint x 1
Drawstring Bag x 1
PROBALE: light! Product Size: M: 2’11” x 6’11” (weight: 160g), L: 4’3” x 6’11” (weight: 190g), XL: 4’9” x 6’11” (weight: 210g), XXL: 5’11” x 6’11” (weight: 280g). XXXL: 8’6” x 6’11” (weight: 390g).
VERY LIGHT FABRIC: 20D Duplex Silicified Lattice Nylon Cloth.
GREAT WATERPROOF FUNCTIONALITY, fabric is treated through double-sized siliconized (Outer silicified process, interior PU is mixed with silicone oil to strength the waterproof). The mat has water resistance level equals to PU8000MM,because of this the tarp for camping can also be filled with water and still watertight!
EASY TO WASH, and makes your go back and forth convenient.
The tent groundsheet can be utilized as a ground cloth when placed underneath the tent to keep the base of the tent clean as well as to give protection to the tent. When you pull the our corners with a rope, it becomes open-roof.

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