8 LED: Direction of drop back with 2 different sounds; direction of setting Sensitivity, Volume, Tone.
High visibility Latching LED: with 30 second signal memory.
Functions Button: Press 5 seconds to turn ON/OFF wireless range of test function. [4 modes light ON/OFF control for (8LED + Latching LED + Night Light): I, All Turn ON; II, All Turn OFF; III, (8LED + Latching LED) ON; IV, (Latching LED + Night Light) ON.]

S Button: 8 modes of Sensibility
T Button: 8 modes of Tone
V Button: 8 modes of Volume(Short Press), Turn ON/OFF(Long Press)
On/Off Button: With (Long Press the V Button)
Output Speaker: With

1. Work Volt: 9V
2. Standby Current: 0.15mA
3. Off Current: 6uA
4. Transmission Range: > 100m

I: 4 Different colors LED, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green to match 4 different color bite alarm/transmitter.
II: Memory LED, indicate the last signal receive bite alarm/transmitter.
III: Night light, (2 mode of flashing and lighting).
IV: Volume UP, ON/OFF and night light button; Volume Down/Virbration Button.
V: Output Speaker.

1. Work Volt: 3~5V
2. Standby Current: 0.25mA
3. Off Current: 3uA
4. Receive Sensinivity: -100dbm
Work Current: 30mA
Modulate Mode: ASK
Work Frequency: 433.92mHz
Work Temperature: -30℃~70℃
Certificates: CE, RoHS

Installation Tips:
UK Standard M3/8 Copper Screw.
2.5mm Jack for illuminated Swinger (Could enhance the fishing Bite Alarm’s signal sensitivity.)
Each Transmitter powered by 1*9V Battery(Don’t Included); Receiver power by 3*AAA 1.5V Battery(Don’t Included).
Please notice that it’s normal if there is collision sounds in the fishing bite alarm when shaking.

Package Content:
2*Fishing Bite Alarm Transmitter
1*Protective Case
[ 1*Receiver ] [ EFFECT: ] (LED Indicator: 4 color automatic matching; 1 memory; 1 night light) + 3 Button for volume keep an eye on / vibration + 1 High output speaker. Night light function to be had, work at night perfectly. >100m wireless signal receiver to be had, don’t want to stare at the buoy all the time, achieve multi fishing rod custody and offer a much wider range of activities for you. Make fishing to be high efficiency and easy.
[ 2*Transmitter ] [ Update Multi-functional ALARM and MULTI ADJUSTMENT: ] 1 High output Speaker and ((8+2 Smart LED Latching Indicator)) {Adjustable Function: 8 modes of Sensitivity, 8 modes of Tone and 8 modes of Volume}; 256 variable codes enough to prevent interference from another angler; Extra 2.5mm jack for illuminated swinger. It’s actually useful and meet your different fishing requirement.
[ FOUR Innovative FEATURES: ] [1] Sound and light alarm come out when fish bite hook and drag the line, or we reel the line back(with different sounds tone). [2] 8 smart LED latching indicator could show the varying degrees change in functional. [3] Night light mode to be had. [4] 1pcs Receiver, >100m signal receive, fit for convenience wireless keep an eye on.
[ BUILT : ] Compact ABS shell, with high affect resistance, heat and low temperature resistance. 4-optional-light-colors to be had. Quality duplex sides KB.PCB board, more durable and fit for long term use. 433.92mHz frequency, ASK modulate mode, Long transmission range. CE, RoHS certificate approval. (Tips: Please notice that it is normal if there is collision sounds in the fishing bite alarm when shaking. Battery is a bit tight to take out for Anti-Fall design, but a stick could lend a hand easily.)
[ INSTALL & APPLICATIONS: ] Transmitter power by 1*9V Battery(Don’t Included)(Size: 1.89*1.02*0.67inch); Receiver power by 3*AAA 1.5V Battery(Don’t Included); UK standard M3/8 copper screw, fitted with 2.5mm jack for LED illuminated drop off bite indicators. (Tips: use with Swinger could enhance the fishing Bite Alarm’s signal sensitivity); It fit for fishing at sea coast, reservoir & fish ponds and the like. Economical set: (1 Wireless Receiver + 2 Transmitter + 1 Protective Case), be worth to have One.


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