Telescopic flag pole great for displaying flags, windsocks, banners, Kites and even use it to go fishing with or as a aerial mast or antenna. Comes with rubber bung in end for secure storage.
These poles are by far one of the best ways to display your windsock, flag or spinner.
3 Meter Windsock Pole
Larger Tip Eyelet and thicker solid tip section. Telescopic effect. Collapses down to 115cm
To fix a pole to the ground simply unscrew the pole end cap and place the pole over considered one of our special ground stakes.
If you want to fly a flag from the pole, please fly off the second one section from the top, you’ll be able to use our Flag Bungees to try this (sold one by one), because flags are usually heavier and add greater stress to the poles, the top ring is suited for windsocks only.